Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has announced the referendum on a First Nations Voice to Parliament will take place on 14 October of this year.

The Indigenous Voice to Parliament would be a permanent body representing First Nations people which would advise government on legislation and policy of significance to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.  It gives First Nations people a greater say on matters that affect them.  It does not have the power to override the government.

The Voice to Parliament represents a historic opportunity to attend to systemic inequities, recognize and involve Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, and empower our country.

Vivien Anderson Gallery whole-heartedly supports The Voice.

As we hurtle towards 14 October, remember to cut through the rhetoric, read widely, think critically and engage thoughtfully.

If you’d like to show your support early for the ‘yes’ vote, you can
pledge your support here now.


Image: Glen Helen Gorge, NT.

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