We are a good team, honed for many years, the artists trust us to advise them, encourage them and sell their work with a priority to build a long sustainable and admirable career.”


All sold work is supplied with original source documentation, art centre certificate, an original receipt of purchase and a certificate of authentication authorised by the gallery and under the agreed terms of the Indigenous Australian Art Commercial Code of Conduct.


With over 35 years’ experience representing and exhibiting Australian Indigenous artists, Vivien Anderson Gallery firmly believes in ensuring new collectors are well informed of all significant developments in contemporary Australian Indigenous art.

Development and management for private, corporate and superannuation fund collectors.

Advice for the placement of major collections and individual artworks for private and corporate clients.

Rigorous criteria are applied to meet all prerequisites for individual, corporate or superannuation fund collectors such as initial or long-term budget requirements, investment time frame, environmental and decor requirements, framing and conservation by experts in specific fields (for example bark painting, sculpture) and corporate mural commissioning and installation.

Vivien Anderson Gallery can provide Valuations for Cultural Bequests (formerly Taxation Incentives for the Arts scheme), donations to non-profit organisations, bequests and insurance for Australian Indigenous paintings, sculpture, and textiles from 1900 to the present day.

For details regarding fees for services please contact the gallery.

Specialist lectures and presentations are available at the gallery or by arrangement at outside venues (school groups welcome).

Vivien Anderson Gallery provides a highly skilled confidential resale service for corporations and private collectors, with competitive commission rates.

Packing and freight forwarding logistics can be managed by the gallery nationally and internationally on request, inclusive of all necessary export paperwork for customs and duty purposes.

Vivien Anderson Gallery respects the intellectual property rights of indigenous people.

Copyright of the artworks shown on this website remains with the artist and is administered by Vivien Anderson Gallery or the artist’s agent. Artworks may be viewed and downloaded only for the purposes of buyer browsing.

No reproduction for commercial use of any images on this site may be made for any reason without receiving written permission from Vivien Anderson Gallery or the artist’s agent.
Users are permitted to reproduce a single copy for personal or educational purposes, provided that they do not modify the content and a copyright notice specifically pertaining to the content in all reproductions or redistribution is included. Users may not make additional copies or distribute or upload copies of material from this website without the written authorisation of Vivien Anderson Gallery, the artist’s agents, the artist ‘s corporations or art centres represented.

All textual content and photographs on this website are copyright of Vivien Anderson Gallery unless otherwise stated.

The website is copyright of Vivien Anderson Gallery.

The availability and price of any particular artwork shown on this website is subject to e-mail confirmation from Vivien Anderson Gallery. In the event that an artwork represented on this site is sold, Vivien Anderson Gallery can provide images of new or similar work on request.

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