With one week until the referendum, the conversations we have now will make history.

Have a discussion – at home, work, on the street.  There is power in having friendly, open dialogue.

Be sensitive and respectful of the fact that for many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, the road to the Indigenous Voice to Parliament referendum has been a long, and often burdensome and traumatising, one.  There is extraordinary cultural load on First Nations people, so make sure to ask if your First Nations friends and family have the capacity to speak about the Voice before beginning a conversation.

Remember that it is important to show your support regardless of how First Nations people are voting in the referendum.

“Respect difference, listen to the diverse voices on this.  That’s how allies can have a meaningful, intergenerational, tangible impact on not only the Indigenous community, but the Australian community.” – Kate Russell (Awabakal), Cahir of Diversity Council Australia’s Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander External Advisory Panel

At Vivien Anderson Gallery, we are voting YES to an Indigenous Voice to Parliament.  We will be writing yes because we want to stand with the 83% of First Nations people (source: who do want a Voice to Parliament.  We are writing yes because we do not believe that a failed referendum will be perceived by our government as a request to do more.  We are voting yes because of hope – hope that a successful referendum marks the beginning in our collective fight to step forward as a nation.

Silence never made history.


Image:  “History is Calling”.

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