Throughout November and December, large-scale lightbox artworks created by Kent Morris will be on display in the Gardens of Billilla in Brighton, Melbourne.

The works have been commissioned as part of Billilla’s Lightboxes Project for 2O23, which has seen three contemporary artists – Mark Forbes, Jane Burton and Kent Morris – engage with the building’s history, past inhabitants, and the community’s future vision for Billilla as a site of creative engagement.

By reconstructing the built environment through a First Nations lens, Kent’s work reveals the continuing presence and patterns of Aboriginal history, culture and knowledge in the contemporary Australian landscape, despite ongoing colonial interventions in the physical and political environments. Kent’s three artworks for this project document the gardens and birdlife of Billilla, reflecting on the site as Aboriginal land.


Image: Kent Morris’s three-part commission in the Gardens of Billilla, Melbourne, 2O23.  Photograph: Kent Morris.

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