We are proud to announce that a major sculptural commission by gallery represented artist Janet Fieldhouse (Kalaw Lagaw Ya/Meriam Mer) has been unveiled at the new Australian Embassy in Washington DC for permanent display.

Janet is one of six artists, four of whom are First Nations creatives, who were commissioned to create works representative of Australia’s cultural diversity, showcasing the current contemporary artistic and cultural atmosphere of Australia to an international audience.

Janet’s new work, Sister Crossing, was awarded the major outdoor sculpture and resides within a prominent courtyard in direct view of the White House.

“My sculpture is a representation of exchange and understanding. I have chosen to use materials and motifs that resonate and have cultural significance to First Nations cultures, both in Australia and the United States of America.” – Janet Fieldhouse

Congratulations also to gallery represented artist Patju Presley for his selection, as well as the other four esteemed artists: Sonja Carmichael and Elisa Jane Carmichael, Abdullah M. I. Syed and Nabilah Nordin.

Thank you to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, the Australian Embassy, Agency Projects and UAP Company for assisting Janet in realising this monumental work.

Image courtesy of Rupert Boyd.

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