Hayley Millar Baker film premiere at The National Gallery Of Australia


26.03.22 — 31.07.22

Hayley Millar Baker’s first film NYCTINASTY is premiering at the 4th National Indigenous Art Triennial: Ceremony at the National Gallery of Australia from 26 March – 31 July 2022.

Further information on the exhibition is available at National Gallery Australia.


“Representing the rhythmic movement of leaves or petals in higher plants in response to the onset of diurnal changes in light, Nyctinasty emblematically translates these crucial movements of self-preservation and survival to echo the ways humans face the delicate balance between the physical world and the spiritual realm, and centres female power and strength in reference to elements of the horror genre that is often focused on women’s psychosis.”


“Ceremony is testament that our culture has survived – not only over the many thousands of years but, particularly the last couple of hundred years – because of its capacity for innovation and adaptability”


Image: Hayley Millar Baker, Nyctinasty (still, detail) 2021

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