Hayley Millar Baker’s film work The Umbra continues its eerie presence at RISING Melbourne’s exhibition Shadow Spirit, curated by Kimberley Moulton, now on display in Flinders Street Station’s abandoned rooms.

“Illuminating the darkest and quietest part of the night – the witching hour – when the veil to the physical and spiritual realms are at its thinnest, The Umbra unites the living with the ethereal through shadowing the navigation of an occurrence of astral travel in a spiritual reflection of the physical world – an ‘in-between’ realm existing alongside yet separate from the material world.”

The Umbra at RISING Melbourne
07.06.2023 – 30.07.2023
Flinders Street Station Ballroom
Level 3, Flinders St Station, Melbourne

Image: Hayley Millar Baker, The Umbra, a new film commissioned by RISING Melbourne. Unit still courtesy of Sarah Enticknap.

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