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The gallery will be closed from 4pm on Saturday 17 December, 2022 until we reopen in late January, 2023.

To make an appointment during this time, please contact the gallery at [email protected] or call +613 8598 9657.

2022 has been a whirlwind of a year, from Maringka Baker’s dazzling exhibition, to Patju Presley’s commanding sell out display at Melbourne Art Fair, the spectacular annual The Women’s Show, Spinifex Arts Projects’ 25 year anniversary exhibition, Bob and Mary Gibson’s duo show, Paul Buwaŋ Buwaŋ and Trevor Gurruwiwi’s Banumbirr, Kent Morris’s new Sovereign Secondsseries, the Warpulayinthi installation by James Tylor and Rebecca Selleck,
and Naomi Hobson’s Adolescent Wonderland.

Special mention goes to Maree Clarke for the monumental survey at the NGV Fed Square and at the Australian Embassy in Paris, Hayley Millar Baker’s Nyctinasty touring with Ceremony NATSIAA Triennial and her Monash Residency in Prato, Italy, Janet Fieldhouse’s compelling suite of sculptures in Faceless at Cairns Regional Gallery, and Naomi Hobson’s Adolescent Wonderland at Tarnanthi, AGSA.

Thank you to our amazing artists, art centres and clients.

Stay tuned for what we promise will be an even grander 2023 (new paintings by Naomi Hobson, anyone?)!

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