Mackenzie Wood

Gallery Assistant/Communications and Engagement

As perhaps most people are, I was initially drawn to First Nations art for its confident composition and colour. But I was soon further drawn in by a magnitude that offers something far greater than what is suggested visually. I had to know more — as much as I could, in fact — about the culture(s) that inform these artistic expressions. And the more I learn, the more I'm drawn intellectually and viscerally to the diversity, complexity and fortitude of Indigenous cultural expression. It's magnetic.”

Mackenzie Wood is our Communications and Engagement Coordinator and Gallery Assistant and supports all our daily operations.

Mackenzie previously worked as a Gallery Assistant at Annette Larkin Fine Art in Sydney and has experience in front of house/audience engagement roles at major arts events including Sydney Contemporary.

Mackenzie has completed a Bachelor of Arts with a major in Art History from the University of Sydney, and a Masters degree in Arts and Cultural Management at the University of Melbourne, with a particular focus on First Nations art.

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